Prof. Artem G. Abanov


(past and present)
Graduate Students
Cristian Cernov Cristian Cernov
Former Graduate Students
Kazi Islam
Graduated with Masters in 2018.
Kazi Islam
Davi R. Rodrigues
Graduated with a Ph.D. in 2018.
Davi R. Rodrigues
Jimmy E. Corbin
Moved to Math
Jimmy E. Corbin
Yang Liu
(graduated 2011)
Yang Liu
Xiong-Jun Liu Xiong-Jun Liu
Xin Liu
Xin Liu
Deqiang Sun
(graduated 2010)
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Former postdocs
Oleg Tretiakov
Assistant Professor, Tohoku University
Oleg Tretiakov
Yury Adamov
Senior Software engineer
Yury Adamov
Kirill Rivkin
Seagate Technology
Kirill Rivkin

Welcome to the Condensed Matter research group of Artem G. Abanov. Condensed matter physics is a vast field of physics which provides endless opportunities. We are interested on physical phenomena where "more is different". Many body systems may exhibit the behavior which is quite different from the behavior of its individual components. That leads to phase transitions, magnetism, superconductivity, heavy fermions and so on, as well as subtle effects in spintronics, mesoscopisc, and nanoscience. Similar effects can also be found in nontrivial classical systems. In particular viscose flow, motion of interfaces and so on. New avenues are always opening ahead, with novel and unforeseen connections to other points of views and topics.

2018 Spring 631 Condensed Matter I.
2019 Summer 222 Modern Physics.
2017 Spring 601 Mechanics.
2016 Fall 408 Thermo. and Stat. Mech.
2019 Spring 303 Mechanics.
2019 Fall 302 Mechanics.
2014 Spring 607 Stat. Mech.
2011 Spring PHYS 208STEPS
2010 Fall PHYS 218STEPS
2009 Fall PHYS 208
2009 Spring PHYS 202
2006 Fall PHYS 201
Artem G. Abanov
Prof. Artem G. Abanov
Department of Physics & Astronomy, MS 4242,
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-4242
Tel: 1-404-981-7799
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K.L.Sh stands for Krasnoyarsk Summer School. This is a school for gifted school children, which takes place in Siberia, Russia every year. I teach there.

Research supported by:
Texas A&M University, Department of Physics & Astronomy, MS 4242, College Station, TX 77843-4242  |  phone: 1-979-845-7717  |  fax: 1-979-845-2590