This is the banks of problems for the Qualification exam in the Department of physics and astronomy, Texas A&M University
    name asc type size date description
old <DIR>10 items25-11-13
Sources <DIR>30 items29-10-19 Latex sources of the files
download CM.pdf pdf 4.8 MB 29-10-19 Undergraduate and Graduate Classical Mechanics
download EM.pdf pdf 2.7 MB 02-08-19 Undergraduate and Graduate Electricity and Magnetism
download MM.pdf pdf 193.9 KB 15-08-19 Mathematical Methods I and II
download QM.pdf pdf 912.1 KB 30-07-19 Undergraduate and Graduate Quantum Mechanics
download SM.pdf pdf 1.0 MB 31-08-17 Undergraduate and Graduate Statistical mechanics and Thermodynamics
download TM-QM.pdf pdf 501.1 KB 01-05-19 Landau Theoretical Minimum and relatives on Quantum Mechanics

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