What is "aibhleog"?

Understandably, I get this question a lot. Especially because my email (aibhleog@tamu.edu), GitHub account, Twitter handle, and many more things carry this name! Often people think it's gibberish or a spam account (which in hindsight I do wish I had thought about...)

This name comes from what I named my cello. My cello has the most strikingly beautiful wood — in the sunlight it has multiple layers and looks like it's made of glowing embers. Because of this, I named it "Aibhleog Loiscneach" (/ɑːvlʊg/ /ləʊʃkneɪx/), which (loosely) means "Burning Embers" in Gaelic.

If you want to decipher that pronounciation, look here!