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Quantum Mechanics 1, Course 606, Syllabus.

Airy functions. Lecture note.
Quantum Mechanics 2, Course 624, Syllabus.
Quantum Mechanics 2, Radial Wave functions of free particles.
Quantum Mechanics 2, Legendre polynomials.
Quantum Mechanics 2, Radial wave functions in external field and phase shifts.
Quantum Mechanics 2, Born approximation and criterion of its validity.
Quantum Mechanics 2,Perturbation theory of scattering.
Quantum Mechanics 2,Partial waves theory of scattering.
Quantum Mechanics 2, Weakly interacting Bose gas.
Syllabus of PHYS 689: Condensed Matter Physics.
Description of the course PHYS 689: Condensed Matter Physics.
Statistical Physics. Ising Model .
Statistical Physics. Properties of superfluids.
Statistical Physics. Jarzhinski and Crooks relations.
Statistical Physics. Viral expansion.
Landau-Zener transition with fast noise
Two-time correlation functions in Landau-Zener transition with fast noise
Spin transitions in time-dependent regular and random magnetic field
Ferromagnet-superconductor hybrids
Fast quantum noise in the Landau-Zener transition
Bose-Einstein condensation temperature in a trap
Bose-Einstein condensates in strongly disordered traps
Interaction-induced delocalization in Bose gas
Spin resonance in a quantum wire
Spin resonance in the Luttinger liquid
Spin correlations in the Luttinger liquid
Domain walls in chiral magnets
Bose-condensation of magnons in YIG
Chiral phases in a model of frustrated magnet and magnetic chains
Superfluidity of magnons.
Review on magnon BEC and superfluidity.
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