Fall 2011

Instructor: Dr. Igor V. Roshchin
Office: MPHY 459 (new Mitchell Physics building)
Email: roshchin AT physics [dot] tamu [dot] edu
Phone: 979-845-8520

Welcome to Physics 489 - The Art of Scientific Communication!
Being a scientist today is about more than just being smart and adventurous. Modern scientists interact with many people from all walks of life, and it is extremely important to be able to communicate efficiently.

Whether you have plans for an academic or industrial career, good communication skills are both a requirement for almost any job, and a necessity for getting a job. In your future career, most of you will have to write scientific documents (from short e-mails to lengthy manuscripts), and make a variety of presentations from a 30-second "elevator pitch" to an hour-long talks. Besides these "traditional" forms of scientific writing and presentations, you will also practice interviewing and writing a resume. This course will help you build communication skills required of today's scientists, and acquire very important practical knowledge that will help you in your job search and in your work.

In addition, this course covers yet another important aspect of scientific communication: how to get the information from various sources. You will learn techniques for reading scientific literature and practice various methods of searching for and organizing technical information. These advanced communication skills are essential in many fields of science and engineering.

Required Material

Recommended Material

There are no required textbooks for this class: all important material will be discussed in class.
In addition to that I list
a few books that collectively address most of the points to be discussed in this class. These books also discuss other useful aspects that we will not be able to cover in this class, but you may benefit from them.
Note, that all these books are available in Evans Annex 4th floor media and Reserves - for a limited time checkout.

It is your responsibility to check it often: when told so by the instructor, and periodically (recommended: morning after each lecture).

Office hours: Wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm(subject to change)
                     Additional (by request): Tuesday, 4-5pm
                     or by appointment.

Class administration

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Lecture Notes

There will be no lecture notes and no lecture materials posted, except when announced otherwise in class.

Additional materials

Part 1: Final presentation: Friday, November 4, 3-6pm
Place: MPHY-107 (regular classroom)