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Astro PhD @ A&M

At an elevation of 4250m, Dome A on the Antarctic Plateau may be the most similar location to outer space on the surface of the Earth. This site has exceptional atmospheric conditions which may make it the best place for astronomy on the planet. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and other astronomical institutes in China have a long-term plan to build a 4-m IR-optimized telescope on this site. Fellow Texas A&M professor Lifan Wang is leading this effort.

As part of the astronomical characterization of the site, I've been involved on massive time-series photometry of 100,000 stars observed with a small (4-inch) telescope called CSTAR. The telescope may be tiny but the quality of the photometry is spectacular! I encourage you to read the following papers about Dome A in general and our photometric work in particular:

These are some representative light curves of variables observed with CSTAR. We have over 100,000 photometric measurements per star, which have been binned into 1,000 phase points to make these plots.

More information on Dome A (including live webcam pictures!) can be found here.