LMC Near-Infrared Synoptic Survey

I. Cepheid Variables and the calibration of the Leavitt Law

L. Macri, C. Ngeow, S. Kanbur, S. Mahzooni & M. Smitka

Accepted for publication in the Astronomical Journal

Online Material

The Tables below correspond to those of Macri et al. (AJ, in press). They are provided in machine-readable ASCII format.

Links & description of Tables:

  • Table 2: ASCII. Cepheid light curve data.
  • Table 3: ASCII. Cepheid properties -- variables observed by us.
  • Table 5: ASCII. Cepheid properties -- additional Cepheids with NIR photometry from Persson et al. (2004).
  • Table A1: ASCII. Ensemble photometry for all stars in the survey (with measurements in at least two bands) -- WARNING: large file size (290 MB).