About me

I am a sixth year PhD student at Texas A&M University and currently taking part in the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program. I am interested in studying the formation and evolution of galaxies using primarily observational techniques. My recent work focuses on the effect of local environment of galaxies on their star-formation activity and using satellite galaxies to test of the nature of dark matter and feedback mechanisms in galaxy evolution.

My research utilize the data from two of the NASA's space-based Great Observatories (Hubble and Spitzer) and the terrestrial telescopes, including Magellan Telescope, the Blanco 4-m telescope at CTIO. I am involved in multiple international collaborations, including the ZFOURGE, CANDELS, and HETDEX projects.


  • Kawinwanichakij et al. 2017, ApJ, in press, Effect of local environment and stellar mass on galaxy quenching at 0.3 < z < 2.5 in ZFOURGE

  • Kawinwanichakij et al. 2016, ApJ, Satellite Quenching and Galactic Conformity at 0.3 < z < 2.5

  • Kawinwanichakij et al. 2014, ApJ, The Distribution of Satellites around Massive Galaxies at 1 < z < 3 in ZFOURGE/CANDELS: Dependence on Star Formation Activity

  • All peer-reviewed publications on NASA/ADS --- ORCID: 0000-0003-4032-2445