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Hunting for Dark Matter Particle at Colliders

Can we detect the dark matter (DM) particle at colliders? If the models are right, then the DM particle will be copiously produced at colliders. See my public talk "Dark Particle Hunters" [link]




Fig. 1: Dark Matter in Cosmic Collision

Fig. 2: Thinking about Universe

Fig. 3: Role of 3 Colliders

The image in Fig. 1 is another clear evidence of the DM seen in a collision of two huge galaxy clusters by Chandra X and gravitational weak lensing. If the DM is a paricle, we can construct models of particle physics that is cosmologically consistent (Fig. 2).

Prof. Kamon is a member of the CDF and CMS collaborations. His primary thrust is to test particle physics models that open the possibility of an ultimate unification of the fundamental forces. Supersymmetry (SUSY) is one of the leading candidates. He has pioneered the SUSY searches in its final states involving electrons and muons at the Tevatron. Now his ftalk_ocus is shifted to using the third generation particles (e.g., tau lepton) to test the models which are cosmologically allowed at the Tevatron, the LHC, and an ILC (Fig.3).

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