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Homework/Quiz Questions and Solutions

As soon as I have solutions to recitation quizzes, this is where they will be. Understand that I have 3 sections of unique students and not all of the things that you see in the pdf will belong your section.

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4
Quiz 5
Quiz 6, Section 502 (retired after 1 use)
Quiz 6, Sections 508 and 583
Week 7
Quiz 7 High speed from Youtube, hosted locally.
Quiz 8
Quiz 9
Quiz 10

Extra Practice

I've submitted a problem and I don't think that I should keep it to myself. So I've posted it here.
Torque I might put in specific numbers with an answer later. Some of the answers to the questions are incomplete. 1c and 2c need a term to ensure that the ratios of torque and acceleration are the same between them. They're missing a plus/minus term depending on if the spool is rolling onto or off of the rope. The algbra in 3 is likely to be above what is expected for this class.
Angular Momentum I gave this one in class for further study. 2 different sets of 6 physists sat around two different tables and discussed this problem at length trying to figure out how it would work. They were over complicating things. It is well within your reach. The answer is at the end for my measurements.
Review I have some questions you might want to try out. 1 and 2 may not be for every one, but the rest are. I have a trebuchet with projectile and linear momentum conservation in problem 4. Something in 3 that will become very useful in 5 and 6 which is orbital mechanics. 5 and 6 is a comet with a death wish and poorly choosen numbers.

Useful and tangential links

Wikipedia - the repository of all useful and relavent human knowledge. Very good for math and science. - the answer engine Bing never was. Provides more infomation than most people care about on many topics; see the examples.
Veritasium - Dr. Derek Muller's Veritasium channel: Dr. Muller teaches physics by the Socratic Method. This has a tendency to make the people he is talking to look like idiots and he looks like a rear-end. But many of the things the people are saying, you are saying and it is his goal to correct that bad information in his viewers. His thesis was about that and his research showed it was superior to clean presentations like those at Khan Academy.
Khan Academy - Khan Academy's Website: many presentations on wide varity of subjects including physics and math. The website provides a better navigation of the videos than their Youtube channel. These videos still have value even if Dr. Muller's reseach says they are not as good as those made by the Socratic Method.
Dr. Walter Lewin's MIT 8.01 - Dr. Lewin taught MIT's 8.01, which is equivalent to TAMU's PHYS 218. He is lively and engaging. And he teaches well.
Brandon Chambers's Channel - Brandon Chambers is a fellow TA in the department. He will be answering his student's questions.
Physics Forum and their homework help - The physics forums. These people specialize in physics and will do what they can to help you understand physics as a physicist rather by memorization.
What If... - Randall Munroe's What If blog. He gets asked questions and he answers them and often takes his answers to the extreme end. I suggest reading the physics related ones like Yoda where he answers the question "How much Force power can Yoda output?" He comes back with an answer of 19.2kW or roughly equaivlent to the motor in an electric Smart Car.
Sixty Symbols - Brady Haran's Sixty Symbols channel: video's on physics and astronomy, most start out with a symbol and what it is about. As an example, they start with the symbol Ψ which is the symbol for wave-function and then they talk about wave-functions and quantum mechanics.
Minute Physics - Henry Reich's Minute Physics channel: a channel devoted to video's on physics between 1 and 10 minutes long.
SciShow - Hank Green's SciShow channel: general science channel; Physics, Biology, and current events of science are of particular interest.
Vi Hart - Vi Hart's Youtube channel: good for deep, interesting, and thought provoking math based videos.
Numberphile - Brady Haran's Numberphile channel: From the Unvisity of Nottingham and Cambridge, contains video's about numbers mostly, but also a wide varity of mathematical topics.
Crash Course! - Hank and John Green's Crash Course! channel: Hank teaches chemistry, biology and ecology and John teaches world and American history and English literature.
Periodic Table of Videos - Brady Haran's Periodic Table of Videos channel: video's on chemistry. They start with a chemical of some sort and then they talk about it's properties, where it comes from, where it goes, what good it is, hazards, their reactions, and so on.