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Homework Questions and Solutions

As soon as I have solutions to e-mailed homework, this is where they will be.

Homework 1 Solutions
Homework 2 Solutions
Homework 3 Solutions
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Homework 5 Solutions
Homework 6 Solutions
Homework 7 Solutions
Homework 8 Solutions
Homework 9 Solutions
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I did a review session on 3/28 and I examined 2 questions. This link leads to the questions and the solutions for that discussion.

Lab and Lab Report

  1. Approximently 1 page of text, double spaced
  2. Introduction - Why the experiment was carried out, interesting and relavent historical background.
  3. Method - How the experiment was carried out, what was used, unobivious and relavent specifications of the equipment, non-standard math proceedures (may require derivation or at least a citation; shouldn't be any in yours).
  4. Results and conclusions - This is where many of the answers to the questions will go.
  5. Discussion - What went right, what went wrong, what could go better, future research (cliff hanger for professional publications).
Example I will change this example to one based on the data provided as make up after Wednesday (2/1/2012). This example does not have a discussion section.

Due to the act of nature on Wednesday 1/25/12, Dr. Saslow said to issue you data and methods and to give an appropriate break. Data and Methods

Useful links

Wikipedia - the repository of all useful and relavent human knowledge. Very good for math and science. - the answer engine Bing never was. Provides more infomation than most people care about on many topics; see the examples.
Vi Hart - Vi Hart's Youtube channel: good for deep, interesting, and thought provoking math based videos.
Khan Academy - Khan Academy's Youtube channel: good for ideas on presenting science, math, and other topics; or simply learning the material yourself.
Tech Support Cheat Sheet - flow chart for solving most computer problems. If you don't know how it is done, this will tell you how to do.