The Fourstar Galaxy Evolution Survey ( ZFOURGE) is a medium-band infrared imaging survey targeting galaxies at z>1 in the CDFS, COSMOS, and UDS fields. The medium-band filters bracket the 4000Å break at these redshifts allowing for precise photometric redshift determinations (~1-2%; Straatman et al., 2016, Nanayakkara et al, 2016).

Composite SEDs

Following the methods of Kriek, et al., 2011 , we use photometry from the ZFOURGE survey to construct composite SEDs. We group galaxies together based on synthetic rest frame photometry from EAZY. The observed photometry from these 'analogs' are then all de-redshifted and scaled to provide impressive wavelength coverage of the intrinsic SED. This allows for many research possibilities normally only accessible with spectroscopy.
In our 2016 letter, we use these composites to explore the IRX-β relation, parameterizing the efficiency of dust reprocessing of UV light for a large, mass-selected sample of galaxies at z~2.


First Author

Forrest, Tran, Tomczak, et al. 2016, ApJL, 818, L26


Jimmy, Tran, Saintonge, et al. 2016, ApJ, 825, 34
Straatman, Spitler, Quadri, et al. 2016, ApJ, accepted.

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