Graduate Level Astronomy Software Sessions

GLASS* is a program organized by the Texas A&M astronomy graduate students to help teach one another useful astronomy software skills. The program was originally designed as a help session on astro-computing topics lead primarily by astro-grads, but has evolved to include advice on other facets important to research in astronomy as well. Some of us have picked up some tricks and skills in Python, IDL, IRAF, FORTRAN, LATEX, C++, MATLAB, S-EXTRACTOR, EAZY, Super-computing, and so on. Many of us know some of these very well, but it's safe to say that none of us know everything.
In addition, GLASS will offer the opportunity to practice public speaking by attempting to convey our experiences in simple terms. Faculty and postdocs are welcome to sit in or host a guest session upon request.
*This page was previously on the webpage of Brett Salmon.
It has now been moved to the page of Peter Chi


Each presenter is completely in charge of how they wish to teach their topic. It may be as formal or informal as they see fit... understandably there may be topics that no one is an expert on. Prior to meeting they should send out instructions on how to install/prepare that procedure. This way the formalities and pains of installation will be out of the way.
We will hold the sessions on Fridays after coffee in the Munnerlyn conference room.

2016-2017 Schedule

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Summer 2015 REU Session

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